The traditional Simbang Gabi has started in the Philippines and as expected throngs of Catholic faithfuls have crowded Churches.

The first homily was about the ongoing #RHBill read from the pastoral letter issued by the Church.

Why read such letter before the faithfuls I just cant understand? The people cant do anything to oppose the controversial measure.

Its the Senate and the Lower House of Congress that have the power to vote.

The early morning mass is not the proper venue for expressing disgust and fear of the Church about the bill.

As a Catholic, I abhor such an act.

Starting the day with taint of politics is one thing that could drive faithfuls away from the Church.

This could be one of the reasons why thousands of Catholics have embraced other religion. Personally, I have no plan of converting to another.

Just feel sorry that we are losing such a good number of people in the Catholic church.


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